Abstract Human Art

From the mind, memory and perspective of ... Jason King

Artist Background & Perspective

"Art has been some of the most deeply frustrating, gratifying and intuitive facets of my life. It has been as much of a love story as anything else.

Art has drawn me in as well as pushed me away, and has always felt like being a moon in a gravitational pull. Even when I wasn't directly engaged my attractions to art never really wavered. I was reminded of this when I heard a quote from, Gerhard Richter. "Painters give admiration to things that are not typically admired".

With a fully idealistic mind I went to art college, and dropped out of art college. disheartened that feelings, passion and expression could be graded and turned into an automated career. Walking away in this fashion sent my personal creativity through artistic expression into hibernation. Close to 20 years, and in my current case, half a life time have cleansed and digested how I got here in the first place.

Art now lends compassion, insight and stillness to my life. Something that years ago had not even entered my line of sight. I now try to capture a collection of experiences and feelings with both intention and freedom. Once the paint has dried, it is no longer mine. It is part of your feelings and how you experience it."

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